Andrew, Jerry, Sara and Jessica in Rehab. My mom wanted to give up and not walk but with the help of your staff, they are trying everything to help her walk. They never give up on her and make her feel safe with them. Thank you, P.H.

Ray is the best, thank you Ray. He is efficient, and at all times patient. Thank you for caring for my husband. D.H.

This afternoon, my mom was very uncomfortable. I put her call light on. I happened to run into Judy, and asked if she knew who could help my mom. So Judy helped my mom herself, even though she wasn’t assigned to her. Judy has such a good heart and is so kind and loving. We are glad she is here. B.K.

CNA Rosie, she’s doing an excellent job in taking care of the patients. She always smiles with the patients. Anonymous

Val, you are an exceptional LVN, very detail oriented, your ER experience is great. Thank you for being a SUPER NURSE, J.M.

Thank you, the physical therapy was excellent. Carol was exceptional for my mother. M.M.

I want to recognize staff member Val, My mom has been at Mesa Verde 1 Month, Val has been very attentive since she was admitted. Anytime that I have asked something he is right on it. He finds out the answer to any questions asked or gets what may be necessary, right away. A couple days ago I was anxiously awaiting the results of my mom’s chest X-Ray; I had to leave in the evening before the results came in. Val Called me when he got the results even though it was about 9:45PM instead of having me worry all night. He let me know my mom had bronchitis, not pneumonia. I was Relieved. Val went the extra mile. Thank you!! Mary

I would like to comment on the staff in activities, they go out of their way to make people comfortable. Always with a smile. Thank you, Mary V.

Staff Member RN-C.S. What a great charge nurse, always willing to help no matter the task, very friendly, cheerful and great bedside manner. Thank you, Vac M.

I caught Mary Caring! Offering a family member something to eat and drink. Good Job Mary! It’s always nice to see her smiling. Anonymous

The med nurse always goes out of his way to make my father feel special. He knows about my fathers interests and makes sure he talks to him about them. Catherine P.

The nurse Val always is willing to help out without hesitation. Very friendly with a smile on his face… and actually acknowledges you. Anytime I need something I can always count on him! Thank you Val. Anonymous

Nicole, she is such a caring person! Always helpful. She likes a little sunshine shining though the halls of Mesa Verde. So many times I have caught her caring… too many to write about. Thank you Nicole, for caring. Anonymous

Mary, this employee took time on her day off work to make sure all medical supplies were ordered. She repeatedly called me on her day off to make sure everything was okay. Sincerely, T.J.

I would like to recognize Glenda, she gets me ready for bed makes sure I’m comfortable, thank you for everything, L.F.

Natalie went and got me a cup of water when she was busy. Thank you, A.Z.

Jaime, an exceptional worker always willing to go the extra mile. Sincerely K.G.

Beatriz, Makes us feel like my mom is her only patient. Very Kind attentive, helpful and always has a smile! Anonymous

To Jaime in maintenance, thank you for all the hard work helping everybody. M.C.

Jaime was very, very, very helpful during the pm shift. Anonymous

The CNA Judith is wonderful with my dad. She takes an interest in him and makes him smile. Cathleen

Caregivers of 22A complimented E.C. The best care any resident can receive. Anonymous

I would like to recognize Ramona she is full of smiles and constantly encourages all of the patients and does a great job! Russell B.

Cheryl and Harry, A special thank you for the loving care, these two people always check in on me to sure I am comfortable. R.D.

Danny LVN, Very Helpful, Conscientious and explains meds doesn’t just hand them out! Makes sure to answer any questions also great sense of humor makes my mom laugh. T.L.

Alma is always so kind to drop everything when others need something. Her desk can be mountain high with work and she will stop to take care of who ever needs her, I don’t think she gets acknowledgement enough for all she does. J.R.